CoReap is live!

July 2, 2007

After months of hard work (and a lot of fun along the way), we are really excited to officially launch CoReap!

If you bookmark web sites and web pages on a regular basis, or do team research on the web, then CoReap is just the tool for you! CoReap takes a fresh, novel approach to social search and social bookmarking. With CoReap, you can not only manage your bookmarks online, but since CoReap seamlessly integrates with existing web search platforms, bookmarks shared in your social search network are displayed alongside the web search results over a search engine like Google or Yahoo!

So browse over to, and download the CoReap extension for Firefox (version 1.0 RC 1, only 16kb in size, requires Firefox 2.0+, for Windows/Linux/Mac) to start your social search adventure! The extension is currently being served from our domain, but we have also hosted a copy at the Mozilla Addons sandbox until the add-on goes public.

Give CoReap a try today! We are sure you’ll love it! And don’t forget to share your opinions, suggestions or comments with us.


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