RSS, Widget, Button, in RC 3

July 10, 2007

Lately, we have been ironing out some bugs, mainly with the CoReap sidebar app. We didn’t quite plan on releasing any new features till we come out with a stable release, but due to popular demand we have released a new Tools module for CoReap users.

CoReap Sidebar Tools - RSS, Widget, Button

With the Tools module, you can publish & share a RSS feed of your recent public bookmarks, or paste a widget on your blog or web site that shows your recent public bookmarks, or add a button on your blog posts or articles web pages to allow your visitors to quickly bookmark the web page with CoReap. You can even mix your main blog RSS feed and your CoReap bookmarks RSS feed into one RSS feed with services like RSS Mix or FeedBlendr.

You can access these RSS/Widget/Button tools from the “Bookmarks” section of your CoReap sidebar. Once you add a few bookmarks, a link to the Tools module will be visible at the bottom of the page (next to the Import Bookmarks link).

If you face any problems, you can send us a quick message.


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